• Please note in order to enrol, you will need to register your account.
  • Once registered please click on distance learning and select your chosen course.
  • Once selected, you’ll be able to complete your enrolment form.

The Process going forward will be as follows:

1 – Complete your online enrolment and submit.

2 – Within 24 hours the college will allocate you a tutor and post out your learning materials (expect to receive this within 5-10 days)

3 – As soon you receive your pack, look for a letter notifying you of who your tutor is, and advising you of the next steps.

4 – You will need to contact your tutor and arrange a telephone call to complete your enrolment, please do this at your earliest convenience

5 – Keep an eye on your emails, especially spam, and for any telephone calls. Please note they may call from a withheld number or mobile, so if you do not recognise it still answer it, they may only try you 3 times

6 – If you miss the call, kindly call them back asap, or email distance.learning@nwslc.ac.uk

7 – Once you have spoken to your tutor they provide you with a start date, and you can start your course.

8 – The college will allow you 12 weeks to complete. The course has been allocated 150 guided learning hours. We would suggest that you allocate at least 3-4 hours per week to the programme, or perhaps answer at least 1-2 questions per evening.

9. Everything is available to you online, however, if you would prefer to complete the programme via the booklets, please let your tutor know.

10 – What if you do not complete the Course?

The course is fully funded, however, if you do not complete the course or withdraw without good reason the college will invoice £100.00 – you can find information on these charges on the enrolment form. This is simply to cover the cost of the tutors and course materials. If you are concerned over the time frames, please speak to your tutor who will be able to support you.

11 – Can I have more funded courses after I complete this one?

Remember you can complete up to 7 courses per year so please give us a call when you are ready to progress onto your next adventure.

If you have any further queries or questions please feel free to email me via study@freecoursesonline.co.uk